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tv   Martin Bashir  MSNBC  November 10, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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. >> it's thursday, november 10th and here's what's happening. >> speechless. >> the -- let's see. i can't. the third one, i can't. sorry. oops. >> unable to count to three. >> seriously? >> even his explanation was messy. >> i'm glad i had my boots on. i sure stepped it in it. >> maybe liquid courage. >> bring it! >> herman with another show of annist slip of the tongue. >> we're didn't hear about it because princess nancy sent it to committee. >> we begin with another day, another stumble from republican candidates as their ninth debate may kickoff the elimination round. starting with the oops heard
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around the world. >> it's three agents of government that are gone. commerce, education, and the -- what's the 30 one there? let's see. >> five. >> oh, five. commerce, education, and the -- >> epa? >> epa, there you go. no. >> seriously? is epa the one you were talking about? >> no, sir. we were talking about the agencies of government. epa needs to be rebuild. >> you can't name the third one? >> i would do away with education, the commerce, and let's see. i can't. the third one i can't. sorry. oops. >> it was painful, wasn't it. a brain freeze of epic proportions. we haven't seen anything that bad at a debate since -- it did
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rank up there with a few classics. remember ross pero's running mate? >> who am i? why am i here? >> admiral stockdale. he since passed away sadly, but you wonder if perry should have taken a queue from sarah palin and written notes on his hand. >> we have to start ringing in the spending. we have get to -- >> eggs, milk and bread and then i wrote down hope and change in case i forgot. >> the department perry forgot, energy is about as central to his campaign as hope and change were to president obama's. >> i'm glad i had my boots on tonight because i stepped in it. i stepped in it. it was embarrassing. of course it was. i may have forgotten energy, but not my conservative principals.
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>> right. well, lucky for the texas governor this was only a presidential debate. if he were in say a beauty contest, his fumbling answer could have counted against him as much as 25% of his score. >> people out there in our nation that don't have maps and i believe our education like such as south africa and iraq and everywhere such as. >> remember in case you missed it, the department of education is one department that governor perry did remember that he would like to shut down. if he didn't quite get to three, he will try to redeem himself tonight by reading david letterman's top 10 list. with us now from washington, msnbc analyst david corn and chairman and msnbc analyst michael steele. i have to confess i have been waiting all day to hear your assessment of rick perry's on stage paralysis.
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what happened to the poor chap? >> you know, remember a couple of weeks ago they were talking about him skipping out on the debates? whoever came up with that was a stroke of genius. i can imagine the ideas they had preparing. five agencies. he may not be able to remember all of those. maybe four, three, he can do three. >> no, he can't. >> he can't. i think the stockdale clip that you ran last night to other reporter, trying to think of a moment that was as deflating for a candidate as any and also going back to 1980, it wasn't a debate moment, but when teddy kennedy was running for the democratic presidential nomination, he did an interview with roger mudd and he asked him why do you want to be president? a simple question. senator kennedy much loved and
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courageous legislator for years didn't have a good answer. he fumbled around it and seen as a really beginning of the end of his campaign. we saw it with rick perry. if you are going cut the government by three agencies, it's not too much to expect you to know which agencies are going to be. >> in all honesty, you must have been wincing as you watched that debate. you must have been. perry paralyzed and cain incapable of saying anything beyond 9-9-9 and bachman on her loop for the overturning of health care. >> none of that compares to this moment. in the annuals of the moment, this tops them all. to david's point, he was talking about a central piece of architecture for his administration as president. to not be able to recount that was devastating. i'm sitting there going stop it, just stop.
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just shut up and let that moment pass. i think having said all of that, it's good to see him make fun television and we all had those brain moment when is that happens. it's different on a national stage and when you are running for the president of the united states. what he does now is part of the recovery and while important, i don't know if it will be enough. it will be interesting to see how the base response was and sliding amongst core republican voters and primary voters. i don't think this helped that. >> he doesn't have a base. he had a base -- >> he has a base of 6% 7% 8%. the goal was to build on that starting last night. i don't think this helped that. >> all of us you know have moment when is we forget things. we have to hand it to perry, he did try to put a spin on it on the "today" show. take a look at this.
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>> i don't mind saying clearly that i stepped in it last night, but i think i'm like most americans and there so many agencies of government out there we would like to forget and people are so tired of government telling them how to do this and what light bulb to buy and what car standards they are going to have for fuel efficiency, etc. >> isn't it a real mental lapse believing that with 9% unemployment, what americans want is a light bulb registration. does he believe this? >> many of the republicans are presenting what's wrong with our economy is the government. excuse me, it was not the government no matter what they said about fannie mae and freddie, it was not the government that gave us this mess. it was wall street and the lack of regulations that led to subprime mortgages that turned
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into securities that were sold around the world in a casino-style economy. the rest of us were held off and it fell apart. they say who was it that said i don't remember? they all said this. perry might have too. they wanted to get rid of every single regulation that affects business? >> i appreciate your revisionist history there, but the government -- let me make may point and you can jump on me all day long. >> david, let me speak. >> the government was a nome sitting in the corner as call street trounced all over and trounced all over the banking market. look, if anything, be honest and say this was a collaborative effort by both government and private sectors. >> michael. >> i know you love government,
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david, but guess when. it was the culprit here. >> deregulated. the republicans and the democrats. >> listen, we were talking about rick perry. i can't discuss with you the relevance or otherwise of regulations this afternoon. okay? david and michael, thank you both for your insight. thank you. >> next, mr. sean hannity has a problem with me and my guests. no problem with herman cain's alleged indiscretions. the employee of the month isss...
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>> herman cain did his best to stay on message in the debate, but this morning he finds himself regretting this remark.
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>> we didn't hear about it in the previous congress because princess nancy sent it to committee. >> when pressed today on why he would apologize -- >> so you all would stop asking me about it. >> we spent a great deal of time discussing his candidacy and conservative commentator sean hannity in addition playing our clips had this to say. >> members of the media remain undeterred in efforts to crush his campaign's momentum and many of their attacks have taken on racial overtones. the most vicious, vile, hurtful, hateful things were being said about herman cain. >> somewhat harsh criticism of tackling this delicate topic. we would like to remind mr. hannity, it was mr. who brought race into the campaign. he is pedalling his oddo biography and describes
12:14 pm
formative years vouped by the upheaval of the civil rights movement in which he followed his father's advice to sit at the back of the bus and stay out of trouble. mr. cain doubled down in television interviews where he described after can americans like this. >> many african-americans have been brain washed into not being open minded. >> again, it's mr. cain engaging on race. my guests reacting to what he has said to his words. mr. why does mr. go when asked if he believed race was behind the allegations of sexual harassment. >> relative to the left i believe race is a bigger driving factor. i don't think it is on the right. >> once again he plays the card and mr. hannity, let's not forget what one of your esteemed guests had to say on race and politics. >> that's why our blacks are better than their blacks. >> blacks don't belong to anyone, least of all her.
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this discussion doesn't involve around race, but the substance of mr. cain's character and qualifications to hole the highest office in the land. >> 20 feet high with barbed wire. electrified. >> you are familiar with the neoconservative movement. >> i am not. >> you becky becky stan stan. >> you put the war ships in the persian gulf. >> that are would be perfectly all right. >> the defined -- you go first. >> joining me to discuss herman cain race and politics is goldie taylor, editor of the who made a series of cam row appearances on mr. hannity's broadcast and remains one of our favorite contributorcontributor. he accused us of focusing on
12:16 pm
race. isn't this about diverting attention away from the hollowness of mr. cain's policies and lack of substance? >> i think at the end of the day if sean hannity wants to continue to pretend that herman cain is qualified to be president of the united states and he pretends that herman cain can and will win the nomination, that's up to him to do. i remember a sean hannity when he was sane and reasonable and he was a talk show host here in atlanta and listened to opposing views and weigh them with thought. this new shaean hannity i don't know a lot about. if he wants to make that and pretend and imagine that herman cain has a shot and is really running a viable race for the presidency, who am i to say? >> why is fox news rallying around a man who never ever held public office in his live and may be qualified to make pizza,
12:17 pm
but unqualified to be president of the united states. >> i said this before and say it again. it is about the soft bigotry of low expectations. if mitt romney made the policy gaffes that herman cain made, we could be getting him today. look how we are talking about rick perry and his flub in last night's debate. if herman cain had done those things and anyone attacked him because of it or called him out because of it, the right wing would have surrounded him with their faith and love and sent him $50 apiece. it is about the soft bigotry of low expectations. we are not holding him to the same standard as any other candidate in the race. truthfully it's because he is african-american and it gives the right wing a way to say look at here. we are not racist. we really like herman cain. that's the most unfortunate part about all of this. >> at the top of this segment, we played the sound from the
12:18 pm
debate about princess pelosi and his empty apology. here's what congress jim clyburn had to say to andrea mitchell a couple of hours ago. >> that kind of boorishness we see on the part of mr. cain plays into a narrative that has been out here now for the last two weeks. he ought to be very, very careful how he reacts to or treats women going forward. >> representative clyburn said it's no way for a southern gentlemen to behave. what's your reaction to that? >> when herman cain was here in atlanta, he was not known as a skirt chaser. he was not known as a pret tori employer and any of those things. hearing the allegations is shocking to me. in the context of hearing them and hearing him in the debate last night refer to speaker nancy pelosi as princess nancy was the most mesogynistic stuff
12:19 pm
i have heard in a presidential debate and it's beneath herman cain even to stoop that low. >> when you recall what herman cain referring to hillary clinton and negotiating with iran and he said something like bless her in that condescending manner. he has difficulty with women holding high office in this country. >> it appears to be so. i don't know him well enough to say whether he has a good or bad regard for women in general, but that is certainly how it appears f. i'm herman cain today and i have an ounce of integrity, i'm writing and issuing a public apology to former speaker pelosi for addressing her in that manner. let me tell you, it's not the first time he said it. he used to call her princess pelosi with great regularity on the radio show. he seems to be a bit ena mored with the term.
12:20 pm
>> when he was referring to secretary of state clinton it was in reference to libya and said bless her heart. when he was asked about the european debt crisis, he changed the subject to 9-9-9, when he gets asked serious questions, he offers one-liners. is he a clown or a candidate. >> i don't think he is a clown, but he's on a book tour. he has a number of talking points that his handlers are giving to him and he is staying to script. it's odd when he is asked the question outside the script, he doesn't know where to go. asked a question about china, he was not equip and doesn't know that china has nuclear capability, he is off script. that's the infortunate part. he doesn't operate without queue cards. >> thank you for contributing to the broadcast and i look forward to seeing you later on fox news.
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[ male announcer ] write your story with the citi thankyou premier card, with no point caps, and points that don't expire. get started at just minutes ago the senate voted 94-1 to pass a bill to provide tax credits to companies who hire veterans and provide job training. unemployment is firmly fixed at 9%, for veterans it's 12%. 25 or younger it's at 22%. kelly o'donnell is the capitol hill correspondent and joins us now. how have both parties reached agreement when they failed on almost everything else in the president's jobs package? >> this is one area where both sides can say they can to a greating degree put aside politics. veterans of these most receipt wars in iraq and afghanistan
12:25 pm
have a considerably more difficult time finding employment. here's an area where they believe they can create a way to give an incentive to employers by offering a tax credit for hiring veterans and higher tax credit if that veteran is disabled or among the long term unemployed. there was overwhelming support. one voted no. he said this makes good politics, but believes this kind of incentive further complicates the code at a time when people are arguing to make it a bit more simple. he said politically it's good, it's not good policy. he is the lone no vote. here's the big message. they got and the white house, republicans, in great numbers and democrats to vote on this. it would also -- it has another piece that would repeal a with holding tax that some businesses that do business with the government would have had to pay.
12:26 pm
they found a narrow piece of the president's jobs bill where they could get together. a lot of big issues remain unresolved. martin? >> kelly o'donnell, miracles never cease. thank you very much. >> you bet. >> the day's top lines are coming up. stay with us. >> i'm glad i hadmy boots on. i sure stepped in this out there. ♪ [ female announcer ] give a little cheer to a family of a soldier. just cut out the cheer from your specially marked box of cheerios, write your message, and we'll see that they get it. ♪ from your specially marked box of cheerios, ma aouer keixt r hold c plde
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you know, when i got him on e-trade he was all like "oh no, i cannot do investing." that's actually a perfect enzo. but after a couple educational videos, and a little hand holding from customer support... next thing you know he's got a stunning portfolio. now he's planning to retire in tuscany. we're both pretty emotional about it. shhhh, don't say a word. you're welcome. [ male announcer ] e-trade. investing unleashed. from the tongue tide rick perry to herman cain, taking a swipe at the former speaker. here are today's top lines. >> we are focusing on character and judgment. you have been a ceo. >> would you keep him on if you bought his company? >> it's three agencies of government that are gone.
12:30 pm
commerce, education, and the -- what's the third there? let's see. i would do away with the education, the, um, commerce and let's see. i can't. the third one i can't. sorry. oops. >> we all felt very bad for him. >> i'm glad i had my boots on because i stepped in it. >> we didn't hear about it because princess nancy sent it to committee and it stayed there. it never came out. >> that was a statement that i probably should not have made. >> i want to be the president of the 99%. i also want to be the president of the 1%. >> what is the media reporting inaccurately about the exconme? >> what? >> i'm a man of steadiness and constancy. i have been married to the same woman for 25 -- excuse me. for 42 years. i will get in trouble. you saying governor romney is pandering? >> you can throw out applause
12:31 pm
lines and say you will slap on terrorists. that doesn't work. >> you are suggesting it. he is standing right here. >> i said it before. that policy is one of simply pandering. >> you bet i'm going to continue on. >> from last night's debate, the campaign trail can be rough and rocky, but it's tough for family members who choose to get involved. herman cain, for example, has chosen not to include his wife in any events. the daughters of john huntsman, they are out fighting for their dad. i am delighted to say the three daughters, liddy, abby and marianne have joined us. thank you. if i can start with you, by all accounts, your father's performance was impressive. joe scarborough said that this morning. do you think his qualities are beginning to show because the other candidates are beginning to stumble? >> the american public is just getting to know him and we are really excited for people to
12:32 pm
start looking at his record and seeing the kind of guy he is. i think that we are realizing now that we need substance and my dad brings that to the table and we have seen that last night in the debate. >> because he performed well and others didn't. >> well -- >> you can't say. you were in the front row? >> i was. >> you can describe what it was like watching rick perry search for that third department that he had forgotten that he wanted to close. >> i think everyone felt sorry for him. his wife was nox him and they are friends of ours. it is heart breaking. i think he is a personable guy and he's been elected three times in one of the largest states in the country. obviously he has a record he stands on and he's a smart guy, but the forums are tough and it's a lot of pressure for those people. >> we are talking about qualifications and you were
12:33 pm
saying rick perry has been a governor and had a history, but your father is governor of utah and ambassador in china. why is it that he is consistently so low? >> like liddy said, i think that america is just getting a chance to look at him. i was watching the debate last night when they were talking about china which my dad probably has the most experience of any of the people up there. he didn't get any of the questions until newt finally pointed out that my dad has the most experience up there and when he did get asked a question, he got 30 seconds to answer. you can't have 30 seconds on china. >> herman cain didn't even know they had nuclear weapons. no comparison. >> exactly. this is a time where america is starting to give him a chance and really look at it. >> you have been pretty active on twitter and so on and i found it humorous where one of you
12:34 pm
wrote how does romney know about china. he has been there one and that's for the olympics. panda express doesn't count. you lived in china. you must have been astonished by seeing the ignorance when called to talk about foreign policy including china. >> it is hard to see. i think we know our dad so well and understands he has the relationship with china and has the ability to move the country in the right directions it deals with foreign policy. it is hard in the debates when he doesn't get asked the questions. he has the answers. call on him. >> here doesn't get skds. >> they were talking about flat tax and he is the only on the stage who has done the flat tax in utah as governor. he was never asked about it. >> do you think the fact that your father was not ambassador appointed by president obama is a problem? did he come home to you and say that president obama, while he
12:35 pm
was serving? >> the plos 2350e that my family has always gone and believed in is serving your country no matter what. we have two brothers serving in the military and the navy. my dad will go to it until his grave and you serve your country no matter what. that's always been his philosophy. people top the judge him on that, we are all as one and we need to serve whatever president we have. >> i guess if the president asks you, you do serve. what do you think about your dad's decision and is he following as it were the strategy of john mccain who after all focused and look, he won the nomination. >> i think new hampshire is a state where the people care about the message and heart and soul and your core. you have to shake their hands sometimes 10 or 15 times and i think my dad is the perfect candidate for new hampshire because he is authentic and people fall in love with him. if that's the case, that's what america should look for.
12:36 pm
they are luck to have a place as a first primary. >> new hampshire is great because of retail politics. people rely on the media to get to know the candidates and in new hampshire, people meet the candidates at least seven times and shake their hand. i think it's important and people are resonating with my dad in new hampshire. >> do you think one of the reasons why he will have an effect is he has been candid about believing in science. he hasn't taken extreme positions, for example, on a woman's right to choose the other candidates have taken. your father is rational and scientific about his position. >> he has. >> in this debate he tends to get penalized, but in and-a-half hampshire do you think it will work? >> i do. the people of new hampshire like to see a candidate who sticks to their beliefs. that is one thing my father doll and never change his stances on anything. i think that will really help
12:37 pm
him as new hampshire plays out. >> if i can ask you a final question. your father is a mormon. >> great. >> mitt romney is say mormon and he is the front-runner. do you think these two individuals's personal religious faith will have a bearing on where they place in the race ultimately? >> don't. i think the country is past that. i don't think that should make a difference in which you vote for the candidate. they are standing on what they believe and making clear where they stand on the issues. we looked at the answers and not their religion. >> thank you very much. abby, liddy and marianne thank you very much for joining us. next, we ask a psychologist what kind of person talks like this. >> a businessman by the name of herman cain stepped forward because that's the kind of person herman cain is.
12:38 pm
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. herman cain faced one question at the republican debate about changes of sexual harassment, but when he responded to questions at a press conference earlier this week, he chose to refer to him in the third person. take a look. >> a businessman by the name of herman cain. >> herman cain. >> 'is herman cain doing so well in the polls? >> herman cain doesn't have a chance. >> that's the person herman cain is. >> it was enough to get martin bashir thinking, where have i seen this before? >> well, jimmy, about tonight, there has been a little misunderstanding. >> jimmy doesn't like misunderstandings. jimmy and misunderstandings kind of clash. >> you know, i have never heard anyone talk the way you do. it's very unusual.
12:42 pm
>> jimmy is very unusual. >> indeed. what exactly is it that leads someone to speak about themselves in the third person? dr. michelle garland is a clinical psychologist and joins us from burbank. good afternoon. >> hello, martin. >> great to have you on the bright cast. if they were a patient on your couch, how would you treat them? >> stop what you are doing. it's really annoying. that's what i would say. seriously. >> is it indicative of some psychopathology? >> it's indicative of a personality style. it says two things about the person. it's about how they see themselves. it's also about how they cheese and like to communicate. if you refer to yourself in the third person, you probably have an inflated sense of self. you have to be careful because you could be bordering on narcissim. >> that's extremely helpful to me. i will never do that again.
12:43 pm
>> don't, martin, don't. >> here's what dr. keith said about it. it is a kind of identity disorder, i believe, has roots in a society that has drifted free from reality and is creating adolescents and i would venture people of many ages who are at most participant observers in their lives with little genuine emotion like actors playing themselves. >> i agree with that. i think what you have to be careful of is -- let's face it. we mostly hear politicians do this. people don't speak this way because it does. it's a narcissistic experience that this person is having that they are bigger than life. >> when mr. cain speaks about issues unrelated to the sexual harassment story, he rarely ever uses the third person. when he goes on the defensive it always seems to happen. >> this is why. because the other thing about
12:44 pm
using the third person is that it's about your communication style. when you use the third person, what you are trying to do is shut down communication. it's a definitive stance. it doesn't mean -- there is no room for argument. if you say i believe this, that's very different than she believes this. it's a distancing you do and doesn't allow for a dialogue. it's a monologue. >> i'm interested that this borders on narcissim. we know a number of pro athletes use this third person speak and politicians must have a healthy ego too. >> it's an inflated sense of self and something that keith said in his article that is true. it's about they are acting. what he is trying to do, herman cane in those moments particularly around the sexual harassment is he wants to
12:45 pm
distance himself from whoever those people think that herman who would sexually harass multiple woman versus the herman who is the businessman and this or that. that's the way he is trying to create distance. >> suggesting a multiple personality disorder. thank you very much. >> no! >> thank you. >> next, an uproar on michele bachmann, but first, amanda drury has the cnbc market wrap. >> hey there, martin. it is a choppy day, but let's look at stocks right now. we are holding and the nasdaq has been in and out of negative territory and stocks did get a bump up from better news on the jobs front. the number of claims for jobless benefits dropped to the lowest level since april and those are the slips to the lowest point of the year for the month of september. first in business worldwide. the markets never stop moving. of course, neither do i.
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>> herman cain's presidential bid is still alive despite the mounting allegations of sexual harassment, but his comment mocking the first female speaker of the house and calling her princess nancy only com pounded the questions about his attitude towards women. something he realized shortly after the debate was over. >> that was a statement i probably should not have made, but i was trying to make a point. >> that was an express of regret, but not public. haven'try heard this before. >> members remained undeterred in crushing the momentum. recent days, many of the attacks have taken on racial overtones. >> that was not the piece of tape we were planning on showing. we were going to reference herman cain's comments about
12:50 pm
secretary of state hillary clinton whoa had gone to libya and he said bless her. >> the professor of sociology and crystal ball is a democratic strategist. what does this tell us about y l krystal, what does this tell us about cain's attitude toward women? >> it does not exhibit a level of respect. he's held stronger than we expected him to given all the allegations surrounding him, but if you dig deeper into those numbers, rwomen are moving away from him in droves. this is a bigger problem for the republican party. already, women tend to vote more democratic than republican. the longer this story is out there, the longer republicans seem to be going out of their way to defend a guy who seems to be a multiple sexual harasser, the harder it's going to be for them to win women in 2012. >> professor dyson, we just received into our newsroom a bit of tape with herman cain earlier today speaking. listen to this. >> over the last couple of weeks, i've been through hell.
12:51 pm
>> he says he's been through hell, but he's raised $9 million, allegedly, since october. and according to the latest quinnipiac poll, in florida and ohio, herman cain leads mitt romney. in pennsylvania, they're tied. is that hell? >> unless it's an acronym for herman exaggerates life's lessons -- >> did you just make that up?! that's brilliant! >> clearly, the man is off track here. and i think as miss ball indicated, it doesn't say much about him being able to be sensitive to issues that fall outside of his arc. here, it's the sexual harassment that's been time and time again argued. and now talking about hell, it's amazing to him that many right-wing brothers and sisters disavowed the necessity to speak about race or class or gender, except when it suits their purposes. and here, i think, is a clear example of herman cain engaging in the very divisive politics that he so broadly remonstrates
12:52 pm
against. >> krystal, everyone appears to be blaming the media for this problem. last night at the department, when maria bartiromo tried to ask a question, and did it very delicately and elegantly, the crowd attacked and booed. almost as if, blame the messengers, but don't blame the message? >> well, and it's been very effective. not just for herman cain, but also for newt gingrich to go after the media. it's this rallying cry. and it's been effective, if you look at their poll numbers. but we also have to remember these gop debate audiences have really stepped in it, to use rick perry's words, a couple of times. i mean, they booed a gay soldier. they cheered multiple executions, potentially of an innocent man. so they haven't been exactly the best friends to these republican candidates. >> professor dyson, we've received some video of protesters just earlier today interrupting michele bachmann's foreign policy address at a naval museum in south carolina. take a listen to this. >> this will only take a moment! >> this will only take a minute!
12:53 pm
>> we have a message for miss bachmann. >> we have a message for miss bachmann! >> sit down! >> they were saying that we are the 99%. only jon huntsman said he wanted to align himself with the 99%. is this occupy wall street having an effect now on this presidential campaign? >> i think so. and in both parties, we're more likely to see later, when it comes time for the real head-to-head contest. but i think there's no question that occupy wall street has proven itself to be resilient, even if they lack the focus that others would like to see them have, they certainly are a virus being transmitted to political sales, where they say, we're here with the 99%. these are the people you have neglected, and we're coming back with ferocity to articulate our views and our beliefs. and i think going directly to michele bachmann to say, hey, we're not going to take this is one representation of that. >> and martin, i don't know what ends up coming out of the 99% movement, but they have done one thing very important. they have shifted the conversation.
12:54 pm
last year at this time we were not talking about income and equality at all. so that's a major, major accomplishment they've already achieved. >> frankly, they've also been helped by the fact that statistics now show the disparity is horrific. we'll be right back. ♪ [ female announcer ] we never forget the nearly 12 million cancer survivors in america today... and the countless lives lost. we owe it to them to protect funding for cancer research,
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12:58 pm
hadn't yet been found. they paid police officers to provide private details about the movements of the royal family, including prince william and her majesty, the queen. former prime minister gordon brown said they even stole medical records, pertaining to his disabled son, and then went on to publish the details, even though the child hadn't even reached his second birthday. now, mr. murdoch and his son, james, had already given evidence before a house of commons select committee earlier this year. but members of parliament felt that first-time round, they'd been lied to. so today, james murdoch was called back. and one member of parliament offered an extraordinary explanation for why he felt the murdochs had failed to tell the truth. >> are you familiar with the word "mafia"? >> yes, mr. watson? >> have you heard a term murder, the word they use for the code of silence?
12:59 pm
>> james was upset that the family business was now being compared to the world's most heinous criminal organization, but that's exactly how elected lawmakers in london now regard the media empire of rupert murdoch. and as the hearing drew to a close, this was their verdict of how the murdochs run their business. >> you must be the first mafia boss in history you didn't know he was running a criminal enterprise. >> mr. watson, please, i think that's inappropriate. mr. chairman? >> the chairman said nothing and the murdoch mafia left the room. thanks very much for watching. my friend and colleague dylan ratigan is here and ready to take us forward. dylan, it's yours. >> and i will expedite this as for the benefit of all involved. as such, the show begins right now. well, good afternoon to you. my name is dylan ratigan. and today's big story is penn state, rocked by scandal.


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